Natelege Swainson

Solutions Strategist/Intuitive Coach

Helping You Break Through Challenges & Achieve Success

N. Swainson Consulting offers coaching services that support you to uplift your inner knowing, eliminate self doubt, and empower you to achieve your wildest dreams and goals.

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Feeling Like You Want to Move Forward, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Natelege will be your coach, advocate, cheerleader, and accountability partner to help create clarity and flow in your life. She utilizes her professional knowledge and experience combined with her intuition to guide you throughout the process so that self-doubt, fear, and negative thinking no longer drive your decisions. Instead, Natelege will guide you to living a joyful, fulfilling life that is driven by what is aligned with your highest and best intentions.

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How I Can Help

Goal Setting

Natelege works with you to tap into your inner knowing to identify what brings you joy, align that with your desired goals & create a plan with actionable steps for reaching them.


Natelege will support and guide you as your coach and advocate to provide clarity, direction, and insight into reaching your goals.


Once you have goals and a plan in place, you have to work the plan! Natelege will accompany you and check in with you on a consistent basis to support you and hold you accountable for each milestone to ensure your success.


“I started working with Natelege about seven months ago and I loved my job but I felt really out of control of the administrative aspects of it. I also was so excited about my company’s early success that I wanted to expand in a million directions at once. Natelege has this powerful ability to see my entire company from both a bird’s eye view while simultaneously understanding each tiny detail’s place and importance. She helped me to focus and articulate my brand so that it is relevant now and in the future. She guided me step by step through the process of establishing the systems and support team I would need to sustain my success. She assisted me in releasing ideas that were irrelevant to my brand and its goals. And most importantly, she continues to remind me to trust myself and to make business decisions from a place of joy and success rather than fearfully or defensively. She’s brilliant!! I don’t know where I’d be without her..”

Zhaleh Boyd Phillips

Owner, Zhaleh Solutions

Before working with Natelege I only had the vaguest idea of what I was supposed to do with my life. Now I know! Her joy-led approach really helped me to look within to identify what I truly love to do, what I’m seriously good at, and what I can offer to the world. That is such a gift! Not only that but Natelege put much thought and consideration into making a roadmap for me to get to where I want to be with achievable, step-by-step goals… because it’s one thing realizing what your dream is, it’s another making it a reality! Now I have direction in my professional life and it’s a great help and comfort to know Natelege is there to offer guidance, support, a listening ear, and a strategic mind when I will inevitably need it. Thanks, Natelege!

Fiona de Hoog

Natelege really LISTENED first, then customized a plan of action which we reviewed together. I felt comfortable and not judged when sharing what I thought was making me feel jammed up and overwhelmed. Her calmness and focus was just what I needed!

Teri Nicholson

Working with Natelege was such a breath of fresh air! Her expertise and clarity brought a new level of focus to a stumbling block I had been having at work. We formulated clear steps to move forward that made it manageable and simple to feel like I had solid handle on my next move.

Sarah Mottashed

Enrollment Solutions Supervisor, Kennesaw State University

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