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My Approach

The first step to approaching a challenging situation is to recognize that there is a problem and seek help with working through it – especially when the way forward is unclear. I use a systematic yet creative approach to designing a solution that is specifically tailored to your unique situation and needs.  I utilize my professional knowledge and experience combined with my intuition to guide you throughout the process.

  • Goal Setting
    I will work with you to identify goals & create a plan with actionable steps for reaching them.
  • Coaching
    Once we have identified a strategic plan for your unique situation, I will be your sounding board and coach to work with you to achieve clarity, direction, and insight into each step of the process.
  • Accountability
    Once you have an action plan in place, you will have to work the plan! I will accompany you and check-in with you on a consistent basis to support you and hold you accountable at each milestone.

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How I Can Help

N. Swainson Consulting offers consulting services to businesses and individuals who are seeking guidance and direction with moving past blockages and achieving goals. We work with our clients as a collaborative team to set goals, identify gaps, and create a strategic plan towards success. Let’s get started today!

Business Solutions

We offer consulting and coaching services to leaders and teams to identify challenges, address gaps, and create strategic solutions to help you or your organization achieve business goals.

We can help you to:

  • Effectively lead and manage through organizational change
  • Reach goals in your leadership role
  • Understand how communication styles and temperaments impact team effectiveness
  • Effectively lead meetings to achieve results
  • Manage programs and projects with confidence

Personal Solutions

If you are feeling blocked and not sure of your next steps, we can help you set goals and create a strategic plan to ensure you achieve them!

We can help you to DREAM:

  • Discover your true, unique capacities
  • Release habits and behaviors that do not serve you
  • Establish your legacy
  • Achieve your goals
  • Move past fear and imposter syndrome

Coaching Solutions

Coaching is an effective tool for setting goals, exploring challenges and blockages, and improving productivity for individuals and teams. We offer coaching solutions to improve effectiveness and meet goals.

We can help you to:

  • Make focused and informed decisions
  • Ask for what you need and achieve results
  • Establish work-life balance
  • Talk through challenging situations and relationships
  • Move forward in professional or personal goals



How It Works

Discovery Session

A 30-minute session to get to know each other and discuss the current state of your business or situation, initial goals, and an opportunity to answer any questions that may arise.

You will be required to complete an Intake Form prior to this session. You will receive the form in your email upon purchase.


Let’s Talk It Out!

Is there a specific problem or issue that you just can’t see your way to the next step? Let’s talk it out. In this 60-minute session, Natelege will tap in with you to help you move through your blockage and give you next steps for moving forward!

You will be required to complete an Intake Form prior to this session. You will need to complete this form during the scheduling process.

Book a “Let’s Talk It Out!” session every month to get ongoing support! 


Strategy Session Package

A series of 3 sessions that result in a strategic plan specifically designed for you to achieve your desired goals:

  • Discovery Session (30 mins)  We will discuss the current state of your business or situation, discuss potential goals, and answer any initial questions that may arise.
  • Strategy Session I (45 mins)  This is an opportunity for you and Natelege to discuss your blockages and desired goals & outcomes in detail to inform the design of your personalized strategic plan. 
  • Strategy Session II (45 mins)  Natelege will review your personalized strategic plan  for achieving your goals and moving forward. 

You will need to complete the Intake Form prior to this call to maximize our time together.

Accountability Sessions (Singular)

Only interested in one follow-up session? Schedule one 45-minute session to discuss your progress and strategies for staying on track with achieving your goals moving forward.


Accountability Sessions (Series)

A series of four, 30 -minute follow-up Accountability Sessions to check on your progress with executing your plan. Natelege will support and advise you as you execute your plan to help ensure your success. She will help keep you on course.

You schedule the first appointment and subsequent appointments will be scheduled during the first check-in.


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